If this is your first appointment with Bayside Lymphoedema, you are required to also fill out our New Patient Questionnaire below. We understand that this questionnaire is quite long. Please fill in as much as possible and click the “send” button at the bottom.

If you also need to book your appointment time, please click here -the appointment request form and new patient form can be completed together.

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Date of last visit to GP and reason for Visit

Names of Other Doctors attended recently and reason for visits

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Are you currently seeing an Oncologist?


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Are your currently seeing a Radiotherapist?

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Have you attended another Natural Therapist before?
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What is your reason for needing Lymphoedema Massage

Are you, or is there a possibility you are pregnant?


Do you have...?
Primary LymphoedemaSecondary LymphoedemaLipoedema

At what age did your swelling first appear?

Check if you have had any of the following diagnostic tests done recently:
Blood TestsMammogramUltrasoundPap SmearCT ScanMRI ScanX-Ray

Are you currently experiencing any of the following Symptoms
SwellingCordingReddened SkinRestriction of movement in LimbDimpling in SkinHardening of Scar(s)

Have you had Cellulitis?
Yes, I currently have cellulitisYes, I have previously had cellulitisNo

Are you currently having, or have you previously had, treatment for Lymphoedema?
Yes, I am currently having treatmentYes I have previously had treatmentNo

When did you last have treatment for Lymphoedema


Have you had any operations?
Axillary ClearanceSentinel Node BiopsyOther Operation

What year was your axillary clearance?

What year was your Sentinel Node Biopsy?

What other operations have you had and what year were they performed?

Have you had any lymph nodes removed?

How many nodes were removed?

What is your Cancer Status (if applicable)?

Do you have any family history of cancer?

Please provide details of family cancer history

Are you currently having any of the following:
ChemotherapyRadiotherapyHormone Therapy

What is the name of the hormone therapy you are receiving?

Have you had any recent illnesses/falls/accidents?

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